what we do

We make your customers happier

We are a practitioner-led Digital and Transformation solutions service provider. We advise, design, test and deliver end-to-end services across all elements of Customer Experience Management. We support clients with CX Strategy, Journey Design, Operating Model, Service Improvement, Multi-channel Operations, Digital Solutions, and Artificial Intelligence.

Throughout 2019 we are integrating with OEE Consulting to establish an industry-leading customer experience transformation services business with global reach.

strategic advisory

We work with clients who are facing one or more challenges in managing or meeting the need to change, across their business. Our advisory team is made up of industry-leading practitioners who have a wealth of customer management experience and have faced and resolved identical or similar challenges. We are able to share and transfer learning to help our clients find a solution, giving a genuine Return on Experience.

Strategic Advisory

execution support

Delivering change into a business is challenging and so we support our clients with the execution of their plans, particularly where the changes are complex. We have a unique specialist capability to design, prepare and implement change and optimisation programmes. Our team is trained in and developed with the requisite skills to deliver and assure the business change to time and quality.

Execution Support

service design & pilot

A complex business transformation often needs to be designed and tested before it can be implemented. We have the unique industry leading capability of allowing our clients to ‘design and test drive’ a proposed change through our Labs in thebridge. We also have our own model office where our experts can support clients with baselining and embedding service improvement.

Service Design & Pilot

systems & toolkit

We design and implement ‘as-a-service’ solutions along with interaction channel optimisation programmes, working with our clients to configure and integrate systems and tools. We are partnered with leading technology providers giving access through our own cloud-based service architecture.  

Systems & Toolkit