We understand your business

Our industry specific practitioners understand your challenges, pain points and opportunities within your business. All of our consultants have been at the coal face of delivery from operations, resource planning, project management, IT, analytics and commercial finance. We have delivered tangible financial benefits across a variety of sectors including: Travel, Retail, Financial Services and Logistics.

data science and analytics

  • Dashboard Design and Build - working with you to design, host and deploy your MI/BI or performance management dashboard requirements
  • Demand Management - reducing unnecessary contact demand whilst maximising value from the remaining contacts and improving your customer experience
  • People Analytics - combining attrition, speed to competency and coaching data to create a more contextual approach to colleague behaviour
  • Next Best Action - helping you maximise value through each and every customer interaction regardless of channel
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workforce optimisation

  • Omni-channel Planning - best-in-class omni-channel methodologies combined with systems and toolkit
  • Workforce Toolkits - we can deploy on-premise or cloud solutions to meet your needs or ‘plug and play’ into your infrastructure
  • Managed Services - utilising our shared services capability and leveraging our infrastructure to reduce your cost base


  • Assisted Digital - supporting synchronous and asynchronous channels to offer more choice and flexibility to customers, delivered through best-in-class digital technologies 
  • Digital Operations - utilising our omni-channel and model office capabilities targeted at improving the performance of your operations to enhance customer experience
  • Artificial Intelligence and Automation - using scalable systems thinking to automate parts of, or entire customer journeys to reduce service friction
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travel sector

  • Disruption Management - capacity planning to manage unexpected and unplanned events combined with messaging strategies to protect your brand and customer experience
  • Digital Customer Experience - designing and deploying digital technologies to inform and enhance the customers' travel experience through automation and self-serve capabilities
  • Behavioural Targeting - using your customer and website data to offer personalised options, for the right product at the right time to encourage repeat booking or add-on sales
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financial services

  • Service Digitisation - customer journey re-engineering to support the deployment of digital technologies, automation and self-serve capabilities to improve outcomes
  • Operational Assurance - designing operational blueprints for both virtual and physical environments, ensuring your data, brand and customers are protected
  • Quality, Compliance and Complaints - implementing controls and measures to assure compliance, improve quality and reduce complaints resulting in a more consistent and improved customer experience
  • Back Office Automation - analysing the key points in your customer journeys to identify opportunities for automation, reducing effort and removing cost
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retail sector

  • Multi-Channelutilising our omni-channel and model office capabilities targeted at improving the performance and enhancing the customer experience
  • Fulfilment, Click and Collect - re-designing your supply chain strategy to deliver more choice and flexibility to customers whilst encouraging increased in-store spend
  • Automation and Digitisation - designing and deploying digital technologies to inform and enhance your customers' experience through automation and self-serve capabilities
  • Know Your Customer - developing bespoke buyer personas, mapping their as-is and to-be customer journeys to provide more targeted communications, product content and offers
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  • International Logistics - designing the optimal process to help you expand your business into new markets or to reduce your inbound fulfilment costs
  • Channel Fulfilment - mapping your customer journeys, supporting the design and layout of your facilities, distribution and delivery infrastructure
  • Third Party Management - we can support with the selection and delivery of on-going continuous improvement with partner networks
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