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Large scale logistics company

Our client specialises in last mile fulfilment for B2B and B2C retailers and distributors. They needed a way to keep them ahead of their competitors and challenged us to build a new rostering system. Details below:

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Our client fulfils deliveries through a mix of employed and self-employed drivers.  As the market becomes more competitive in price and service they needed to look at how they kept ahead of their competitors.  Several options were modelled and two main challenges prevailed. 1.) Customer satisfaction and net promoter scores were higher when deliveries were made by an employed driver. 2.) Employed drivers were less productive than their self-employed counterparts due to contracted working hours, holiday and sickness cover. Of all the models the preferred option was to use more employed drivers and to look at how their employed workforce could become more productive. In addition to the above they had no rostering tools for its 1,200 drivers so it was difficult to optimise driver hours across its 47 Service Centres.

They engaged with its drivers and Trade Union representatives to agree changes to working patterns allowing implementation of 9 or 11 hour driving shifts across any 5 days of the week, once agreed they then engaged gobeyond to find a rostering solution for its 47 Service Centres (SVC) and 2,500 employed drivers. They provided gobeyond with data relating to volume through each SVC including number of deliveries delivered to each postcode and size of each preferred delivery route in its 47 SVC and number of drivers working a 9 or 11 hour shift pattern.  With this data gobeyond created an automated rostering tool for each SVC Manager that would create 4, 13, 26 & 52 week rosters for each of the 2,500 drivers in 47 SVC, the tool allocated 9 hour drivers to more B2B and bulk collection/delivery tours with the drivers working 12 hours per day 4 days per week rostered into clusters, these clusters were made up of either 2 or 3 delivery tours managed by 3 or 4 drivers across 6 working days allowing for holidays, days off and sickness.  In total gobeyond created 17 different cluster patterns to enable optimised driver rostering across 47 SVC.  This allowed the Managers to fully optimise their drivers. In addition, gobeyond also designed roster patterns for future 7 day delivery services within the tool.

Through this activity we were able to increase sales opportunity for future Sunday deliveries at no extra cost and reduce overtime costs by 85%. Drivers were also able to deliver c25% more parcels than previously and reliance on agency drivers reduced dramatically. Customer Satisfaction scores increased and the opportunity to employ more employed drivers was welcome by the Trade Unions.